Interested in commissioning a painting or illustration? Please fill out the form below and include the following information, with as much detail as possible, so I can determine whether I'm able to take on your project:

- Type of commission (i.e., painting, illustration, mural, etc.).

- Approximate dimensions/size.

- Schedule and urgency of timeline.

- Information on the content/concept for the commission, with as much detail as possible. This could include any reference photos you know you want to use, desired style of painting, etc.

- Any budget or cost constraints you might have.

- Any other information you'd like me to know about your project, or any questions that you might have for me.

Once you have provided the above information, I will confirm whether I'm able to take on your project. After that point, you would be provided with a cost estimate (which is calculated based on the above factors), and a contract for completing the work. Note that I would retain all rights to reproduce the painting or illustration (including but not limited to prints, cards, clothing, etc.). If you would like to purchase exclusive rights to the commission, an additional fee would be negotiated.